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Landmark Water Dispensers

The most trusted water dispensers in the city of Nawabs, dispensing water to you the way you want it, since 1991.

"Cool Water. Cool Life."

Delivering a Hassle-Free Experience

We have a range of water dispensers and accessories, with the best features for you!

With cooling tank sizes starting from the industry standard of 4 litres and going up to sizes of 6 and 10 litres, we make sure you get a large amount of cold water each time.

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Large Water Storage Tank

We have cold water tanks of 4, 6 and 10 litres, so that you get more cold water each time.

High Capacity Compressor

Our powerful & efficient 100 W compressors ensure faster cooling so that you don’t have to worry about waiting for cold water, ever.


Simple Yet Elegant

Our water dispensers look simple and sober. They fit everywhere — be it your home or office setting.

Durable and Tough

Made from high-quality ABS plastic, our water dispensers are durable and tough for rugged use.

One Year Warranty

You get 1-year warranty with every water dispenser; but since they are made to last, you’ll hardly encounter any problems.

Free Delivery in Secunderabad*

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*free delivery only for orders of two or more water dispensers within 10km radius around R.P Road, Secunderabad

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Our Range of Water Dispensers

Landmark® Water Dispensers are available in various models and variants made to suit all your needs and requirements. Be it home or office, we have the right water dispenser(s) for you for every setting.

Introducing Velmark® range of Water Dispensers

Velmark® Water Dispensers by Landmark® are a new low-cost offering specially made to cater to the needs of users at small households and offices. With specifications that match the industry standards in quality and performance, we guarantee the best prices for these dispensers.

Velmark Bubble (Refrigerator)

Cooling Capacity: 3 litres per hour
  • Normal, Hot & Cold Water with Refrigerator
  • 2.5 litre Stainless Steel Storage Tank
  • 15 litre Cooling Cabinet
  • 1 litre Hot Water Tank
  • 1 litre cold water (<17° C) at a time
  • Suitable for no. of Persons: 6
  • M.R.P: ₹ 10500

Per Hour Cooling Capacity

Cold Water Storage Tank (max) Capacity

High-capacity Compressor

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Some Features & Specialties


High Capacity Puff Insulated Cooling Tank

This keeps the water cool for a longer time in the hygienic stainless steel tank, thus increasing efficiency & reducing power consumption.


Static Noise-Free Condensor

The heat exchanger is a static one which makes no noise and keeps the environment peaceful.


Our dispensers are equipped with compressors that use non-CFC based refrigerant and hence are environment-friendly.

Responsive & Solution Oriented Customer Service

Facing any problems or issues? Make a call to our Customer Care Number: 040-66336604 and get your problem solved in no time.

Cash on Delivery

Selected your Landmark Water Dispenser? Send us your order through phone/website/email and get it delivered at your doorstep and pay cash on delivery!

Affordable Prices

Made with the best quality materials, our water dispensers come at affordable prices that won’t hurt your pocket.

"Cool Water. Cool Life."

  Keep yourself and others around you hydrated throughout the day to live a happy and healthy life. Get a Landmark Water Dispenser now!